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How Air Quality Affects Your Health

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A report conducted a few years ago, estimates that up to 21,000 people will die from air pollution — specifically, particulate matter and ground-level ozone in the next few years. Most of these deaths will be from chronic disease, rather than acute episodes, but will all be caused by poor air quality.

Predictions also indicate that there will be 306 premature deaths due to air pollution in the next five years, increased emergency-room visits, hospital admissions and doctor’s-office visits. Air pollution, in high population areas are expected to cause about two and a half million minor illnesses in 2017.

In the past, scientists thought that respiratory disease was the major outcome of exposure to air pollution. However, scientists such as the American College of Cardiology have now found that cardiovascular morbidity and mortality is a significant problem, too.

Air quality is a major issue and is causing a lot of sickness. Talk to your doctor about how air quality (indoor and outdoor) can affect you.

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