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Your back-to-school checklist.

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School is starting – Your back-to-school checklist. 

Make sure you and your children are ready for back to school.



Get bedtimes back on track.

Summer allows you to spend more time outside and with more light during the day, it’s an easy thing to do. Before school starts, get back into the bedtime routine with the following tips:

  • Power off the devices an hour before bedtime.
    Powering off gives brains (children and adults) time to unplug from the stimulation and the light from phones and computers. Reading a book can help relax and fall asleep.
  • Consider darkening shades.
    The clock says it’s bedtime, but it’s still light out. That can interfere with a child’s sleep. Darkening shades can block out distracting light and help your child drift off more easily.
  • Ease off caffeine.
    Your child or teen should stop drinking anything with caffeine, including sodas and energy drinks, after noon. That way, by bedtime, the stimulant will be out of their system.


Get your athlete’s sports physical.

Any student that wants to play sports needs a sports physical. A sports physical is more focused than an annual checkup, reviewing heart and lung health, diagnosing any breathing or exertion issues like asthma that could be worsened by playing sports. It also includes a sport-specific examination of a child’s muscles and bones.

Make sure to get your sports physical appointments booked now so you have time to get them before practice begins.


Get eyes in check.
Make sure your child has an eye examination has before school starts. Good vision is critical to your child’s success in the classroom. 


Depression, anxiety, and stress.

Depression, anxiety, and stress are big health risks to teens and younger kids. Kids will rarely say that they are being bullied or that they are experiencing other stressors. So don’t take “fine” for an answer and ask the important questions if you suspect either scenario. And make sure to talk to teachers and your doctor to get down to the root of the problem and find next steps for everyone.


Check the fit of your child’s backpack.

The older they get, the more books they carry. A heavy load of books, with a laptop can weigh as much as 30 pounds, putting weight on shoulders, neck, and your child’s back and affect posture. Make sure your kids backpacks fit well before the school year starts. 


Enjoy the remainder of summer and get your kids back to school on the right track.


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