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Can AC really affect your health?

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It’s hot! In Colorado, many try to beat that summer heat with air conditioning units or swamp coolers. Wether it’s at the office or in your home, many often wonder how we would survive without air conditioning (AC).

Many people turn on the AC as soon as the temperature rises above 70 degrees, or whenever the heat starts making you uncomfortable. But did you know that turning on the AC can be harmful to your health?

Poorly-maintained or older AC units have been shown to spread disease and cause health conditions such as respiratory conditions. With it being everywhere during hot summer months it is important to maintain your unit and protect indoor air quality (as well as yourself).

Additional Reasons AC Unit can Cause Poor Air Quality:

  • Most residential units recirculate indoor air to save energy
  • When basic maintenance such as changing the filters is not performed, airflow is restricted throughout the space
  • Dirty air filters will not stop allergens, pesticides and other outside irritants from entering your home
  • Window units that are not properly sealed let in outside air, undermining the work of the unit

Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to minimize the risks.

Protect Yourself By:

  • Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning or changing your unit’s air filters
  • Open the windows as much as you can. Allow fresh air to circulate in your home and flush out pollutants
  • Have an HVAC technician perform annual maintenance checks
  • Buy a new AC unit every 10 years
  • Turn the temperature up, or turn the unit off altogether, at night or when the house is empty
  • Try using the fan-only mode on your AC unit

Make sure your air ducts are cleaned and your filters are new.  Cleaning your home’s air ducts each year will reduce health problems. It’s important to take a look at your ducts every year to ensure there is no mold. Cleaning them will also help remove mold that is not visible to the human eye and allow you to rid your ducts of dust buildup.

Talk to your doctor about more information on how your AC can affect your health.

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