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Do you know our story?

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With a real need for expanded medical services in the Southern Colorado area, we were formed in 1987 by a great group of Saint Mary Corwin residents looking to use their knowledge and help people where help was needed most.

Patient care isn’t just treating patents with this practice, we view patient care as a partnership and want our patients to participate in their own medical needs and continue their prospering health with proactive preventative medicine. We believe in a holistic view that restores the immune system and creating a healthy and balanced life plan to keep illness and disease at bay.

Since we were founded, our practice has continued to grow. We are an independent medical facility with local ownership. We have a great new group of providers and outstanding selection of services that are thriving in our community. As an active member of the Pueblo business community, but proudly serves all residents of Southern Colorado including Pueblo, Pueblo West, the Arkansas Valley, Colorado City and Rye.

With our outstanding reputation among local families, as well as area medical professionals, is a testament to the loyalty of our practitioners, their dedication to medical development and their compassionate family care. We continually strive to give the best possible care to our patients and help them live a healthy life.

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