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End of Summer Blues Got You Down? Tips to brighten your mood.

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End of Summer Blues Got You Down? Tips to brighten your mood.

Feeling a little down with the idea of fall approaching. End of summer blues is a common affliction. Transitions are hard and the end of summer can be particularly difficult for a number of reasons.

summer blues

Symbolically, the end of summer signifies the end of a season of fun for many people. No more carefree summer days, no more Summer Friday hours, and no more summer barbecues or gatherings. And the thought of snow! Days are undeniably getting cooler and shorter and for those sensitive to light, this can contribute to the end of summer blues. 

Changing your mindset is easy with a few of the following tips.

  1. Look forward to all things fall.
    Wearing cozy sweaters, apple picking and apple cider, reading by the fire, enjoying going for long walks in the park with cooler temperatures, and pumpkin patches – just a few things to get excited about for fall. 
  2. Reframe your thoughts on summer.
    The idea of thinking differently (psychologically known as Cognitive Reframing often a treatment for depression or anxiety)  is to think differently and “reframe” negative or untrue thoughts into more positive ones. In other words, think about what you enjoy about the fall, instead of fixating on what you don’t like about the end of summer. 
  3. Plan a trip.
    Having something to look forward to and the anticipation of an upcoming event can change your entire mindset about your summer coming to a close. Several studies have shown,  just thinking about a trip you plan to go on boosts happiness. 
  4. Embrace every opportunity.
    Figure out what you don’t like about the fall and plan ahead. Rather than falling back into old habits, create new ones that reduce stress. For example, if you dread going back to the gym instead of exercising outdoors now that the summer is over, create a new routine of exercising in the park. 
  5. Take the best of summer into fall:
    Give yourself permission to take your summer mindset into September and beyond. Continue to have fun, to eat fresh produce from the farmer’s market, to spend time outdoors, to go for walks after dinner and long bike rides on weekends.

Take the end of your summer in. Enjoy every second and change your mindset about fall. You’ll be happy you did and it will help cure your end of summer blues.

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