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February is American Heart Month: Know your Heart Disease risks.

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Big red hearts. You may be seeing it often this month. The heart is the sign for love and with February being the month of love, it’s also a time when you should think about your own heart and evaluate your risks for heart disease and stroke.


The number one killer of men and women in this country is cardiovascular disease, which includes heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. Studies show that men are more than twice as likely to die from preventable cardiovascular disease and having a family member (male or female) who has heart disease puts you at an even higher risk.


So what are my risks for heart disease, you may still be asking yourself? Prevention is key! Many cardiovascular deaths have been prevented by healthier habits, living spaces, and management of high blood pressure and diabetes. By becoming more heart healthy you can lower your risks.

    • Take it one step at a time and reduce your risk factors by watching the following:
    • Eat a heart healthy and nutritious diet
    • Make physical activity a big part of your daily life
    • Eliminate the use of tobacco
    • Lose weight and reduce obesity
    • Decrease your high blood pressure
    • Decrease your high blood cholesterol
    • Get your diabetes under control


It’s not easy, but by becoming knowledgeable about your risks will get you on the right track to heart health success. Contact us today and find out more about improving your heat health. And have a happy Heart Health Month!