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Fight cold and flu season.

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At this time of year, it seems everyone around you has the flu, or at least a severe cold. The person in line at the grocery store, sneezes on their cart handle. A stranger in the security line at the airport coughs on the conveyor belt bin. A little girl is rushed off to the bathroom by her mother at the mall because she is feeling sick. Sickness seems to be everywhere! But, how do you protect yourself from getting sick?


Getting your annual flu shot is a start, but how does it work?
After receiving the flu vaccination, antibodies develop in your body about two weeks after receiving it. These antibodies provide protection against the influenza virus that are included in the vaccine. A seasonal vaccine protects against influenza viruses.


Vaccinations protect against the influenza viruses that have been indicated through research as the most harmful influenza strains for the upcoming flu season. Traditional vaccines called trivalent vaccinations, generally protect against three different strains or variations of the influenza A viruses (H1N1, H3N2), and an influenza B virus. Additionally vaccines are commonly made to protect against four additional viruses, called quadrivalent vaccines that protect against the same viruses as the trivalent vaccine and an additional B virus.


Ask your doctor for more information about the flu vaccination and protect yourself from getting sick.

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