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Get Back on Track After Thanksgiving!

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Get back on track after your big Thanksgiving meal. Here are a few tips and tricks to help.

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It’s really hard not to fall off the diet wagon on Thanksgiving. And with all of the leftovers it’s hard to not continue with the overindulgence. If you’re still feeling the affects of your Thanksgiving meal, here are a few suggestions to get you up and moving again.

  1. Move! Feeling like staying on the couch? Streaming a fun fitness video. Or take a walk around the block to get your blood flowing. Once you start moving, you’ll start to feel great and eventually get yourself back to the gym or  out of the house for some exercise. The more fun the video is, the better. It’ll get you motivated to move.
  2. Stock up on protein and veggies. If you overdid it on Thanksgiving, make sure that the following two days include meals high in protein, which signals your body to burn body fat, and fiber from vegetables. Stay away from starches and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  3. Do a high-intensity workout 12 to 16 hours after a big meal. Working out hard during this timeframe helps your body burn off the energy in the muscles and liver. Hundt recommends going for a fast run, a high-intensity strength training workout or a combination of the two.


Hope you had a great holiday and hope these tips help you get back into being healthy and active.

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