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Get Outside! Summer activities that cost nothing and can keep you healthy

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summer activities


It’s May! It’s getting warm and it’s that time of year that you just want to be outside. Why not trick yourself into working out by doing fun outdoor activities that everyone in the family can enjoy?

The following list is a great list of free Colorado activities that will get you moving and keep you on the right track to staying healthy – all while enjoying mother nature.

  1. Hiking – We are extremely lucky to live in such a great state that allows us to have unlimited hiking possibilities. Make a quick Google search and find the nearest trailhead to you. A brisk hike will help you stay healthy and happy.
  2. Trail Running – Similar to hiking but with a little speed, you’ll get more than just your regular jog including an increased heart rate all while checking out the beautiful scenery.
  3. Cycling – Hit the road in your biking shorts and get some exercise. There are plenty of streets to ride and get your heart rate up.
  4. Mountain Biking – Watch out for rocks, but this form of biking is great exercise, especially on the way up.

Those are just four of the many heart rate raising activities you can take part in, in this awesome state we live in. Visit your nearest national forest or just step out your back door and find something healthy and active to do.

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