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Happy Holidays!

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We would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday and provide you with a few tips to stay healthy and not overindulge this holiday season.


With a season full of holiday parties galore, it’s important to keep on track with your diet and not over-indulge in those things you’ve been working so hard to keep on track with. We offer the following tips to help you with your goals.

  1. Always know that the buffet is the holiday danger zone. We see food, good food, and it’s there for the taking, but remember ever spoonful that goes on your plate can lead to overeating. Just remember to keep the buffet in moderation, do not take more than you bargained for. If you are worried about overeating from the buffet, try eating something light before the party to hold you over and help you avoid the cheese plate.
  2. Seated dinners are also often times to indulge. Eat what you want, but remember always in moderation. If your plate comes with a salad and some of that yummy mac and cheese you’ve been craving, make sure to eat your salad first and only have a few bits of the high calorie items. Also, consider sharing with others at your table, so you don’t slip in another bite. And always order an entree that is rich in proteins such as fish, lamb, or anything fresh and nutritious. Choose wisely and choose the healthiest option on the menu.
  3. Control your alcohol intake. When it comes to champagne, wine or cocktails, you don’t have to go all out. Have a drink and be done, keep it in moderation.

For more tips on how to keep your diet on track during this holiday season, contact us today. Stay safe and have a wonderful holiday.

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