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Heart Healthy Calories and Activity

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What would you say if we asked you to use at least as many calories as you take in? It’s definitely possible and here is how:

  • Start by tracking your calories.
  • Find out how many calories you should be eating and drinking to maintain your weight.
  • Do not eat more calories that you know you can burn each and every day.
  • Increase the amount of physical activity you do each day, and up the ante. Increase your intensity and activity to match the number of calories you take in.
  • Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day – if not more

Regular physical activity can not only help you maintain your weight, but eating right will help you reach your heart healthy goals. In addition to keeping calories down, being active can help to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, which will help you become an overall more well-balanced individual.