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Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Tips

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Oh, Valentine’s Day. So many chocolates, romantic dinners, so much of everything bad that we can tempt ourselves with to ruin our heart healthy diet.

Rather than tempting yourself or loved ones with chocolates, consider a gift that has more permanence. Active, quality time can be one of the most rewarding gifts of all. Bundle up and plan an active outing such as sledding, ice skating, snowshoeing, skiing, or even just gathering wood for a fire. Active quality time is great for your health and mental well-being.

 Cooking at home, rather than a meal out, will also help you enjoy a romantic dinner, but will also help you keep track of your heart healthy meal. In addition to keeping it healthy, you’re setting your servings so you don’t overeat. If you still want to go out to dinner, consider a cooking class, rather than restaurant meal for an additional kitchen adventure.

 Keep the kids on track this Valentine’s Day too. Instead of sending candies to school for a valentine’s gift, consider mini-boxes of raisins, pretzels, or even non-edible items such as pencils and stickers.

Keep your Valentine’s Day healthy and happy for all.


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