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Holiday Health Tips – Indulging without Indulging

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With a constant supply of yummy treats around during the holidays, your willpower not to eat them is generally questioned. Unfortunately the treats are no excuse to abandon healthy eating habits.  But if you have accidentally lost control, don’t fret, forgive yourself and get back on track.

Below are a few ideas on how to stay healthy if you do splurge:

  1. Don’t skip meals. Seems logical to keep out the calories you just took in during your cookie splurge, but in actuality if you miss a meal it can lead to additional calories. Arriving starved can result to overeating and mindless munching. Eat normal meals throughout the day, but be strategic with your meals. 
  2. Stay away from the appetizers and count your bites. Several appetizer bites can lead to half of what you might eat for dinner. Fill a small plate once, and don’t fill it up again. 
  3. Turn down the desserts. The pie maker won’t take it personally, if you don’t eat his or her pie. Just say you are full and avoid the extra calories. 
  4. Take a break from the gym. Those that exercise regularly, generally take more time off in December than any other month. So don’t beat yourself, up. Everyone has a lot going on this time of year. Just make sure to get back on track and into your regular exercise routine as soon as the holidays are over. 
  5. Don’t obsess over every ounce gained. To prevent yourself from completely letting go of your habits weigh yourself every day or put on a pair of snug-fitting pants. This will help your mind stay on track with healthy behaviors and keep you on track with good habits.

Contact us for additional ideas to help you stay healthy this tempting holiday season!

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