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Kids Health: Back to School Tips

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Back to School

Back to school is just around the corner. With the summer full of fun, most children need help transitioning back into a routine with deadlines for a successful start to the school year. It’s also a good time for kids to visit the pediatrician, dentist and eye doctor to make sure their health makes the grade.

Sleep Routines:
No more staying up late and sleeping in. Start with getting your kids back into their school year sleep habits. To help your child transition back to waking up early, establish a new sleep routine. Consider starting to go to be one hour earlier every night and waking up early until the new routine is established. Start a week or two in advance, to get your school year sleep routines established.

Get your vaccinations and Sports Physicals:
Pediatrician’s office are full of patients the week before school starts.  Annual checkups should be done by a pediatrician before each new school year to ensure that your child’s medical records and vaccinations are up to date. Additionally, if your child participates in athletics, they will need their yearly sports physical in order to participate.

Eating Schedules:
With the summer packed full of activities, eating schedules may be different than those at school. Before the new school year starts, get your child back into the habit of eating three regular meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Consider sitting down for meals together to help the child reset the routine.

Backpack Basics
Backpacks full of books and school supplies can put strain on your child’s neck, shoulders and back. Make sure your child’s backpack fits properly and is strong enough to carry a heavy load. Also make sure your child is carrying their backpack over both shoulders, according to the, single backpack over the shoulder can strain muscles.


Talk to your pediatrician about additional tips to help you get your child back into the school routine.

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