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Strategies to help you to beat the post-Halloween candy coma.

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halloween candy coma


Halloween is full of candy and fun, but it’s sometimes hard to not overdo it on the candy.

In this post, we are offering a few simple strategies for keeping your post-Halloween cavity and extra pound-free.


Let’s talk about dark chocolate.

Look through your kids candy bag and pull out all of the dark chocolate you can find. Try to avoid chewy candies and go for the dark chocolate instead. Some studies have suggested dark chocolate is good for the heart and can sometimes decrease hunger, while chewy candies stick to the teeth. Stick to the dark chocolate to make it a little bit healthier.


Eat dinner before candy.

Limit candy intake by filling up their stomach before getting into the candy. To help prevent that kind of gorging, try to give children a healthy, filling meal before trick-or-treating. Hopefully their tummies will be a little more full before grabbing that third candybar.


The 10 trick.

Have your kids pick 10 favorite pieces of candy, and give the rest away. Let them enjoy their 10 pieces over 10 days. This give you and your kids a sense of control without feeling shortchanged with their candy consumption.


Make it charitable.

The Halloween candy buyback program from Operation Gratitude, gives kids an opportunity to exchange their candy for a dollar. Their candy is then sent in care packages to US troops overseas. This not only teaches the lesson of charity, it also makes for very gracious troops on the front lines.


Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!

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