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Summer health tips for you and your family.

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Summer health tips for you and your family.

Summer health tips for you and your family

School is out for the summer. The days are longer and filled with fun, recreation and relaxation. Sunshine, heat, water, picnics, travel, gardening, outdoor recreation and new experiences are just a few of the exciting adventures your family may encounter this summer. Below are a few tips for keeping you and your family healthy this summer.

  • Summer Health Tip 1: Hydration is essential.
    Heat can be deadly and is much more lethal in the very young and the very old. Staying well hydrated helps to reduce heat illness and is also very important to acclimate to hot environments.

  • Summer Health Tip 2: Sunscreen is key.
    Make sure to apply sunscreen daily, liberally and always re-apply. Many women apply sunscreen only to their face but forget their neck or chest area. These areas are simply an extension of your face and by not protecting your skin, you are aging yourself before your time. You want to keep your skin looking radiant, healthy and glowing.

    Pregnant women are most at risk for developing blotchy pigment on their face. Melasma can be treated but will come back with any UV light exposure. It does not have to be raining to use your umbrella. Make a fashion statement and keep cool. Protect your eyes from UV damage with some cool shades.

  • Summer Health Tip 3: Regular exercise is important, even in the heat.

    The heat can make you lazy, but it’s really important to keep up your workout routine. If you have to move it inside, do it. Or just pick a time that’s not during the hottest hours of the day. You may need to change where you exercise and avoid the peak heat and humidity, but don’t get lazy.


  • Summer Health Tip 4: Avoid Mosquitos, especially at dusk and dawn.

    Not only are they itchy and annoying, but mosquito bites can also lead to viruses such as Zika. Zika virus is spread to people primarily through mosquito bites, and the best way to prevent the Zika virus is to avoid mosquito bites. Be sure to clear out standing water, use insect repellent, fix broken screens, use EPA-registered insect repellents and spray your clothes (NOT skin) with permethrin.


  • Summer Health Tip 5: Avoid Poisonous Plants

    Enjoy hiking, gardening and all things outdoors, but know how to identify poisonous plants such as poison ivy, poison sumac, and other plants that may cause you problems. Also, know when to see your physician if you notice a rash that comes on suddenly.

    Please see your physician if the rash is extensive or involves the face. Over the counter remedies do not always work. Your physician can help you with a prednisone therapy treatment for itchy dermatitis.

  • Summer Health Tip 6: Water Safety Rules are In Place for A Reason.

    Do not swim alone. Bring and wear lifejackets when swimming, boating, or jet skiing. Remember water activities and alcohol do NOT mix.


Have questions about any of these items or other summer health tips? Talk to your doctor to find out more.