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These Are the Symptoms of Heat Stroke That You Should Never Ignore

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With heat waves hitting Europe and the United States, health experts are warning people to be careful when exercising or working in the sun.

Too much exposure to the heat can cause serious health problems, including heat stroke.

Symptoms of heat-related illnesses are excessive sweating, light-headedness, and rapid breathing.

If you exercise in the heat be sure to hydrate properly and try to work out before 10 a.m. or after 6 p.m.

If you work in the sun, wear loose-fitting, light-colored clothes in addition to drinking plenty of water.

It’s official. The Earth is hotter than ever.

Last month, the planet experienced its warmest June in recorded history.

Europe was one of the focal points of the hot weather.

France recorded its highest temperature ever last Friday with the mercury rising to 114°F (46°C) in some parts of the country.

Among those dealing with this hot weather are the players of the Women’s World Cup in France, who have been training and playing in temperatures hovering around 90°F (32°C) this week.

Temperatures were also heating up across the United States with heat waves as far north as Alaska setting records.

Scientists say climate change is likely the reason behind the heat waves, and health experts are urging people to be mindful of the risks of heat-related illness.

More than 600 people in the United States die due to extreme heat every year.

Heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke occur when the body struggles to cool itself.

The human body uses sweat as a means of cooling off, but in extreme heat, sweating can’t always cool the body down. This can be particularly problematic in times of increased humidity.

Experts advise that people outside in hot weather need to be aware of any symptoms of heat-related illness.

Early symptoms of heat-related illness, if ignored, can develop into more serious heat stroke.

When a person is suffering from heat stroke, their body temperature can rise to 104°F (40°C) or more. Symptoms include confusion, slurred speech, profuse sweating or hot, dry skin, loss of consciousness, seizures, and a high body temperature.

These symptoms are considered emergencies and could lead to brain damage or death. You should call 911 immediately.