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A few quick facts about Autism

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Autism, also known as Autism spectrum disorder (ASD or Autism) is a developmental disorder is most often characterized by two behaviors considered abnormal including, deficiency in communication and social skills, and restricted or repetitive behaviors. When autism was first introduced, children with autism-related behaviors were diagnosed with one of a set of distinct developmental disorders:

  • Asperger’s disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD)
  • Or a pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified
autism Today, separate diagnoses are combined into one disorder, Autism, that presents itself along a spectrum of symptoms and behaviors of varying levels.   There is no cure, but as it has become more common over the last several years, our society has gotten a lot better at acknowledging the disorder and working to find better treatments for those with it. Every autistic child is different so once examined appropriate therapies will be used based on the child’s needs and often include occupational, physical, and speech-language. Structured educational programs and tailored therapy have been shown to help children with Autism develop skills they are lacking and minimize behaviors that are problematic. A common therapy used to treat autism is “applied behavior analysis” that actively teaches and encourages desired social and communication behaviors that other children learn on their own. Another approach called “developmentally based intervention” uses a mix of stimuli, subjects, and words to form developmental progression for an a child who doesn’t independently develop them. There are numerous resources available to learn more about autism and how to treat children with ASD, Autism. But if you think your child needs treatment or support, feel free to talk to your doctor to find the best solution for him or her. The treatment options have come so far and we are  here to help. Reach out to your doctor at any time.