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National Minority Health Month

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minorityhealth_456px April is National Minority Health Month! It’s time for you to show your support and celebrate the health of your friends, family, neighbors and community members. Partnering for health equity means stronger, safer and healthier communities - including ours here in Pueblo.   We can all play a role in reducing disparities and improving the health of our communities. Many organizations at the federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial levels are partnering to achieve healthier communities.   Health Disparities Among Children Health disparities, or differences, in health outcomes and their causes among groups of people. For example, African American children are more likely to die from asthma compared to non-Hispanic White children. And according to a recent article published by Salud America, Latino children are not only more likely to suffer from depression, they're also less likely to receive treatment. Similar statistics have been found for children with diabetes and other illnesses that are becoming far to common among minorities.   Health Disparities Among Minority Adults It’s not just children that are being affected by health disparities. According to the Center for American Progress:

  • 79% of African American and  Hispanic adults had health coverage in 2009 compared to 88 percent of white Americans
  • A 16.6%of African American and Hispanic adults aged 18 years and over do not have a regular source of health care
  • Nearly half (46%) of nonelderly black adults who do not have insurance report having one or more chronic health conditions and report they are in fair or poor health
  Reducing Health Disparities Reducing health disparities creates better health for all Americans. April is National Minority Health Month. Become aware of the disparities and together we can achieve health equity.