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Switching Your Physician and Joining us at UFMC Pueblo

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Switching Your Physician and Joining us at UFMC Pueblo Are you looking to join us at UFMC Pueblo, but already have a primary care physician or family doctor? No worries, the transition is easy. homeBannerDoctor Not sure how to make sure we’re an in-network provider on your plan? Here are two ways:

  • Call us! We’re here to help. We will review your insurance policy to make sure we cover you. Before you visit any provider or facility, we recommend you call ahead to be sure we are in your plan’s network, as well as confirm our address, office hours, and our new patient acceptance status.
  • Feeling shy, or already on your computer? You can also head over to your health insurance provider’s website and login. There is generally a link that says “find a doctor” or something similar where you can enter your preferred physician or UFMC’s practice name into the search. This will provide you with the results you need to make sure you’re covered.
  Not sure how to choose the right primary care doctor for you? A primary care provider serves as a "home base" for your basic health care. We help to coordinate your care, from your annual check-up and other preventive care, to routine care. Even if your plan doesn't require one, your primary care provider is an important member of your health care team. If you are purchasing your own coverage through an individual and family plan, a primary care provider will be assigned to you. You may change your physician after your planned start date if you would like to. If you are purchasing a health plan through your employer, please review your employer’s plan details to see if you’re required to select a primary care physician or if choosing one is optional, and to see if there are any network requirements for your plan.   Here are a few things to consider when selecting a primary care provider:
  • Network status. Choose a primary care provider that is in-network to save on out-of-pocket costs when you go to the doctor.
  • Quality designations and board certifications. These show that the provider has taken extra steps to provide quality care.
  • Location. Look for an office that's convenient to your home or work. Make sure there is public transportation or parking nearby.
  • Hospital affiliation. If there's a hospital you prefer, it can be helpful to find a provider who's affiliated with that hospital. If you have a hospital stay, this can make it easier for the hospital to share information with your doctor. You can also confirm that the hospital is in your plan’s network.
If you are transitioning to our practice and aren’t sure what you need, make sure to call us. We may ask for your previous health records and can help you get what you need to see the right doctor for you.