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Transferring Medical Records is Easy!

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Medical recordWith several physicians in Pueblo retiring, you’ll need to set yourself up with a great physician to take care of you and your family. And the good news is it’s easy! University Family Medicine Center is taking new patients and the process to transfer your medical records is simple.

Requesting your medical records from your old physician is the following process:

  • Fill out an authorization form giving one medical provider permission to share your records with another.
  • Mark on that form which types of records you want included.
  • Pay any fees that result (if any)

Your records would arrive at your new physician’s office within a few weeks, and if there is any transaction fee, you will receive a bill by mail for the transaction. If your previous physician’s office is using an electronic health records system, the process is even easier. But, even if they’re still relying on a fax machine, most records offices can still fulfill this request within a few weeks.

Don’t be scared to ask for your records. They are yours. According to the Privacy Rule under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) allows you to receive copies of your medical records, whether they’re held by health care providers or your insurance company. Under this rule, providers cannot deny your request for records if you owe them money. They also cannot charge you for having to locate and retrieve your records. However, they are allowed to charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs of copying and mailing the paperwork. These fees vary from provider to provider.

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