Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are you affiliated with both Parkview Medical Center and St. Mary Corwin Hospital?

A: Yes, we are pleased to have high standing privileges with both Parkview Medical Center and St. Mary Corwin Hospital in Pueblo enabling our patients to have access to the highest level of healthcare in the area. UFMC medical staff is networked with some of the area’s finest specialists and our practitioners rely on those connections to evaluate the level of health services provided to each of our patients should a need arise that is out of the scope of our facility.

Q: Are all members of the family welcome as patients?

A: Yes. University Family Medicine in Pueblo offers healthcare solutions for everyone in the family. Being a long standing family practice in Pueblo, our doctors and practitioners offer pediatric, adult, and geriatrics health care specializing in sports medicine, weight loss, diabetes and cardiology. UFMC is a well-rounded family practice whose doctors or practitioners can serve as a premier primary care physician for your Pueblo family.

Q: What insurance do you accept?

A: UFMC of Pueblo accepts most insurances, but to ensure we provide you with the most accurate insurance information possible please contact the insurance specialists at our north side office. We want to make sure your health care experience is transparent on every level. Likewise, because of our emphasis and preventative care most wellness examinations require no out-of-pocket for patients covered by insurance. Ask our consultants if a free wellness examination is included in your insurance.

Q: Are you accepting new patients?

A: Yes. University Family Medicine is constantly expanding our patient services to be able to meet the needs of the growing Pueblo community. If you have recently lost your primary care physician, are relocating to Pueblo and need a new doctor, or if you have a growing family, our medical family practice has a rich history of offering fine primary care providers. Both male and female providers are available based on your interest and our special doctor patient matching services help ensue you make a good selection for your health care needs.

Q: Do you accept walk-ins?

A: Our schedule is built around accommodating our patients and we understand your medical needs are not always on a schedule. Due to that, University Family Medicine builds in times throughout the day to accommodate your special needs. Patients are encouraged to contact the office to reserve a same-day appointment to guarantee that you can be seen at a time that works within your schedule.

Q: Are you Board Certified in Family Medicine?

A: Yes. UFMC strives to employ the best doctors and family practitioners in the area. We believe in certification and also are proud that are doctors and practitioners continue to educate themselves on the latest trends and changes in medicine. Because of our commitment to quality health care, UFMC is proud to be one of the leading Pueblo family practices in technology and patient care.